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To enhance the educational and extracurricular experiences for all children in the school district. 


The PTO provides a collaborative “voice” for parents, teachers, and students of our district to ensure quality school experiences in the face of tightening school budgets. We work together with the school board, administrators and teachers to advance education for elementary, middle, and high school students.

In the past year, we have been actively involved in efforts to promote small class sizes, to address underage drinking in the school community, and to support changes in nutrition and wellness within the school. 


We have provided advocacy and financial support for the New Teacher Mentoring Program, an effort which is extremely valuable in light of the large number of new teachers hired within the district in the past two years. 


The PTO’s mission involves raising money to support well-balanced educational experiences.  Through productive fundraising, we have been able to provide a number of opportunities that would otherwise NOT exist in our district. 


Imagine what the school year might be like without the Artist-in-Residence program, all-school assemblies, class trips for enrichment, or the opportunity for Cambridge students to attend state and local educational competitions. Some experiences supported by the PTO include:


  • Science Olympiad and Fine Arts Weekend (CHS)

  • Young Authors Day (CES)

  • Starry Nights (CES)

  • Camp Lucerne trip (NMS)

  • Homecoming and Post-Prom (CHS)

  • Hosting the Kindergarten Meet and Greet (CES)


The PTO has also helped pay for equipment and other educational resources, which will “stay” with the school for years to come.  Some items include:

  • Books for the IMC

  • CES art display boards

  • A climbing wall (NMS)

  • Spirit Squad uniforms

  • Improvement of the fields on the middle school grounds

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