You've Been 

Blue Jay'd


This year has been a tough one for all, so it's time to have some fun!  Surprise your friends, teachers, principal, coaches or a family member with a lawn full of bright blue pinwheels and Blue Jays!

The Blue Jays and pinwheels will roost on the lawn for 24 hours when they will mysteriously migrate to another’s lawn.
Each flock will come with a “You’ve Been Blue Jay’d” yard sign and letter explaining the fundraiser.

Interested in ordering a flock to send to a friend (or unsuspecting victim), CLICK HERE, click "Make a Copy", fill out the form and email it back to us at  These flocks are turning heads and adding smiles to those who see them.  Join in on the fun!

Our teachers and students need our support as much now as they ever have.  We want to help our teachers and administrators provide top notch educational extras for our children.  We strive to build a strong school community that supports our children and their educators; because it does take a village.  We want to make our teachers' jobs a little bit easier by providing all the extra equipment, supplies, and volunteer time they need so that they can focus all their energy on providing the best education possible for the children in our district.

With your generosity PTO can have a large impact on the quality of education that our children receive by offering the type of "above and beyond" education that many districts simply don't have the community support to provide.  It's one of the many reasons that Cambridge is an A+ community.  

Together we can do so much

Get Involved

Your time and efforts are greatly appreciated!  If your child attends a Cambridge school, you are automatically a member of the Cambridge 4K-12 PTO and can attend any meetings. Or volunteer for or coordinate special events that fit your schedule and interests!

General Meetings

2nd Wednesday of each month


Nikolay Middle School

Lighthouse Room